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Janzajma poetry relationship

‘Brief’ is a short reflection on a relationship that was good even though it didn’t last long as well as the awkwardness that comes afterwards. You spend so much time with that one person only to watch it all disappear.


The gray between the black and white

Janzajma poetry bipolar

‘The gray between the black and white’ was a piece I wrote during a time where I had extreme mood swings. I could go from having the best time with my friends to being completely down and depressed in a blink of an eye. For a long time I couldn’t figure out what caused these ‘demons’, as I liked to call them, to come out. After a great amount of self-reflection they don’t come out as often and when they do I’ve become much better at handling it. Accepting that you have issues is important and talking to your friends about it helps as well.